Sealing technology

We provide sealing rings of top quality for various media in the field of sealings. These include O-rings standardized in accordance with DIN ISO 3601, and of materials NBR, FKM and silicone, as well as U-sealing rings with self-centering sealing lip and fiber rings. Our range also includes copper and aluminium sealing rings to seal screw connections in fuel systems and oil circulation systems. We have compiled the most common sealing rings in practical assortment boxes. You can find an extensive overview of our sealing technology range at our webshop or in our product documents in the download section. Our office staff and fieldforce are available to help you at any time, should you have any questions.

Sealing technology –
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  • O-rings
  • U-seal rings
  • Copper seals
  • Aluminiums seals

  • Hard vibre seals
  • Zinc seals
  • Assortements