Continuing pursuit of the best quality

Zertifizierung nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Quality Policy

Continuing high quality of our products and services is the foundation for long-term business success. For us, quality means not only meeting the specified, and unspecified, expectations of our customers, but, if possible, surpassing those expectations.

All our work is focused on the interests of our customers, ensuring we are a reliable partner in national and international trade. Only if our customers are satisfied can the development of our company be ensured. We also maintain close cooperation with our suppliers, pursuing our common goal of growing together.

Our staff strive to provide our customers not only with perfect products, but also the highest standard of service. To support our staff, Schmitter Hydraulik commits all employees to further training. Support for staff satisfaction and quality awareness is seen as a continuous challenge for management.

Our process flows are transparent and clearly defined. They are subject to a continuous improvement process which aims to increase not only our efficiency, but also to improve customer satisfaction. If new processes are introduced or existing processes modified, these are documented and respective documents steered accordingly. Another guiding principle for our work involves responsible handling of natural resources.

Quality policy and quality targets are defined by management. The management system is checked for effectiveness at least once a year and, if required, adjusted accordingly. Our management staff seek to ensure they reflect the quality management system in their work. Our staff are required to reliably observe work instructions and process descriptions, and to critically appraise such systems and suggest improvement measures if required.