Our hydraulic range includes everything that a hydraulic engineer’s heart desires, from connection technology, such as fittings and hydraulic hoses, to hydraulic components.


We offer connection and control technology for all applications in compressed air technology, especially for compressed air braking systems. A wide range of hoses and pipelines are available as well as systems for compressed air preparation.

Low Pressure Technology

In the low-pressure sector, we offer you everything from connection and fastening technology to central lubrication, air-conditioning and sealing technology for your application in the low-pressure range.

Workshop Equipment

For an optimally equipped hydraulic workshop, we provide you with storage equipment that is precisely tailored to your needs, as well as all the machines you need for your own hose production.

Electrical Equipment for Vecicles

To ensure that your vehicle performs reliably, our range of vehicle electrics includes a wide variety of cables, corrugated tubes, plugs and sockets as well as adapters.

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