Electrical equipment for vehicles

Electrical components in commercial vehicles have to meet special requirements in terms of robustness, vibration and shock resistance and reliability. Long and safe functionality is essential for the operation of your vehicle fleet. That is why we are also a supplier of high-quality and reliable components for your commercial vehicles in the field of vehicle electrics and offer ideal solutions for demanding operating conditions. Our range includes 12V or 24V plugs, sockets, adapters and spiral cables in both standard and GGVS-approved versions. Furthermore, our range also includes ABS and EBS sockets and plugs in different varieties with crimp or screw contacts. You will also find a wide range of cable conduits, the matching corrugated tubes to protect the cables as well as cable junction boxes and glands.

Our range

Plugs, sockets and adapters (12V and 24V)

ABS / EBS plugs and sockets


Cable protection tubes

Spiral cables

Cable junction boxes

Cable glands

Voltage reducers

Accessories and spare parts

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