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The patented LOKRING® & LOKCLIP system

The patented LOKRING® & LOKCLIP system offers an innovative system of solderless tube connections as well as hose connectors for any repair situation in vehicle air conditioning systems and battery cooling circuits of e-vehicles.

Functional principle locomotive ring

THE TYPICAL LOKRING COUPLING consists of two LOKRINGs and a tubular socket for receiving the tube ends to be connected. Due to the conical inner contour of the LOKRING and the special outer contour of the spigot, the spigot is reduced radially onto the tube during assembly until the spigot and the tube create a hermetic metal-to-metal joint.

The lifetime tightness of the assembled joint is ensured by the condition of permanent elastic preload, which is generated by the counteracting radial forces of the LOKRINGes to the tube-socket joint.

Product advantages:

  • Universally applicable, regardless of vehicle type and year of manufacture
  • No long wait for expensive original spare parts
  • Increased customer loyalty through low-cost repairs
  • No welding, soldering or threading
  • Often the repair is possible without removing the defective line
  • Proven and trusted by OEMs for 40 years
  • In use at OEMs for more than 35 years complies with EU Directive 2006/40/EC


Significant cost reduction through reduction of assembly times and processing costs

  • Up to 40% reduced assembly time compared to soldering methods
  • Reduction of material and processing costs
  • Reduction of personnel costs per assembly
  • Increase in the number of completed systems per time unit
  • Simple, quick assembly increases operational and warranty reliability
  • Mechanical assembly reduces energy costs
  • Quickly learned assembly, no special knowledge required

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